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Session Time We allow up to 3hrs of exclusive studio time with your newbie. Generally your newborn session will take around 2hrs to complete. Our session time also allows for family portrait photos {such as mum/dad pics with bub; sibling pics with bub ect..} to be done within your session, which makes our newborn session even greater value!

Digital Negatives Our Newborn Package includes 25 digital negatives of your choice. Each digital negative is professionally hand crafted to our high standards and are provided in both colour/black-white versions meaning you will receive a total of 2 JPG files per each digital negative. All of the final images provided to you are watermark, copyright free and are 36Mp in size!

Comfortable Studio Session We have custom designed our studio specifically for newborns & parents alike… We have created an amazing studio that can accommodate up to 6 separate newborn setups! Our studio also incorporates a comfy parent lounge area.. great for a quick nap if bubs kept you up all night! Other features in our studio are full bathroom amenities, kitchen area, tv, air conditioning, complimentary tea+coffee, soft drinks+biscuits, baby change tables if required and close proximity to street cafe’s and shops.

Heaps Of Setups & Props We have invested immensely in our backdrop & prop range. With over 50+ different backdrops and 100’s of various props you can rest assured we will create amazing images that you will cherish for a lifetime! We also encourage our clients to bring along anything to their sessions that may have sentimental values. We have had clients bring along music instruments, sporting equipment, records, teddy bears.. the list goes on..

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Newborn Session Info…

Q. When and how do i book my newborn session?

A. It is really important to have your newborn session when bub is less than 2 weeks old. This is when they tend to sleep most which gives us time to position bub for various shots. To ensure you don’t miss out on your newborn session we encourage you to book while your still pregnant; using your due date as the interim booking date. Once bub is born we then schedule your session day in. If you have already had bub we cannot guarantee your session. It dose not cost anything to book your session. We only require a $100 deposit on your session day.

Q. When is the best time to get your newborn photos done?

A. It is really important that we do your newborn session when bub is less than 2 weeks old.

Q. How long dose the newborn session take?

A. Our newborn sessions typically allow up to 3hrs of exclusive studio time. We have almost achieved every session under the 3hr maximum. However if bub dose misbehave on the day we will do whatever we can to get the images we need to complete your session… We have a great studio setup to help parents relax during the session. We understand that coming to our studio can feel like a huge task but rest assured once your there you will feel relaxed….

Q. What days do we run our newborn sessions?

A. We typically run our newborn sessions from 10:30am weekdays at our custom designed newborn studios. Saturdays and Sundays are currently not available for newborn sessions. However we will try our best to accommodate {but cannot guarantee} our secured booking clients if a weekend session is required by request.

Q. Will you come to my house for my newborn session?

A. Sorry, No. We have custom built our newborn studios to provide you with the best possible service we can. Our studio allows us to setup more than 4+ unique setups fro your session. We also have an extensive range of backdrops & props that we could not transport around easily…

Q. Can i get portrait photos with bub done in my newborn session?

A. YES! We actually encourage you to get involved in the session and take full advantage of your newborn session! You are more than welcome to bring along your partner/hubby or younger siblings 🙂

Q. Are the backdrops and props provided in my newborn session?

A. We have invested in many backdrops and props over the past few years. We now have more than 40 backdrops and over 100 props/accessories. We can pretty much guarantee you that you will have at least one totally unique setup for your session…

Q. Would the newborn session cost more if i have twins?

A. No. Your session would cost the same as one newbie. However your session may take just a little longer to complete…

Q. Can i bring along a family treasure to be included in the session?

A. YES, you are more than welcome to bring along items of sentimental value to your session. We have had clients bring along sporting equipment, books, records, teddy bears, skate boards, fishing gear… the list gose on..

Q. How do i choose my 25+ digital negatives?

A. Once we have completed your session we will then do a draft edit on all of your session images. You will be provided with a private online draft web gallery. It is from here where you will select your digital negatives; once we receive your digital negatives order we will then continue to edit and polish your beautiful images. For a more detailed instructions you can download our “Digital Negative Selection Guide” by clicking the download button below.

Q. Can i purchase additional digital negative files?

A. YES! If you are having trouble choosing your 25 digital negatives you have the option to purchase additional digital negatives for $30ea. Each digital negative includes both colour and black/white versions. To purchase additional digital negatives you can simply add more images to your cart when selecting your digital negatives in your online draft web gallery. There is now payment required at the selection stage; payment is only required when you collect your image disc/usb. Please not the purchase of additional digital negatives is totally up to you! There is never any hard-sell tactics with Pink Ice Photography!

Q. What type of files do i receive and how big are they?

A. You will receive all of your polished images in high-res and print ready JPG format. Our professional Nikon cameras capture images at an astounding 36Mp, large enough to print a wall mural! All of your images are non-watermarked and copyright free. 36mp-size-chart 

Q. Do i recieve my images on a disc or usb?

A. Both! We provide you with your images both on disc and usb that come with their own personalised cases. Our presentation of our cases is next to none and are something you can truly cherish for a lifetime….


Q. How do i order my 5 Standard A4 prints that are included in my package?

A. To order your free A4 prints simply add your 5 fav images to your cart in your online web gallery. Choose the package option when adding images to cart. Then proceed to checkout. There is now payment required.


Q. How do i order from the Flip Side Range, such as Canvas, Acrylics, Enlargements ect...?

A. You can order any of our Flip Side Range image products simply by adding them to your cart in your online web gallery. You can also order image products simply by emailing us with details of your image and product type…  

Q. How long dose it take to get my final images?

Image Turnround Time

Draft Digital Negatives 10Days
Completed Final Images 31Days

Q. When is the final balance payment due?

A. Your final balance payment is required when you come and collect your disc/usb from our studios. If postage is required then payment will need to be completed before we ship your image disc. For your convenience we accept the following payment options…



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